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Vintage re-issue Mad Cat

Coming 2012, for the first time in over 30 years, the original Mad Cat returns.
We tried our best to stay as close as possible to the original specifications. An original ‘70s
Mad Cat was used as a reference model, and after extensive testing we finally settled to what we believe is a worthy successor, which even surpasses the original in some regards.
Subtle upgrades were performed:
Tuners were upgraded to Gotoh SG360 with a higher gear ratio
The original Keiyo pickups were upgraded to Bill Lawrence USA vintage
The output jack is more sturdy, so no more signal drop-outs
Headstock shape
All other specifications are equal to the ‘70s Mad Cats, we designed these guitars with the highest respect to the sound and feel of this legendary guitar.
Each one is handbuilt in the original Moridaira factory by Japanese craftsmen, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Vintage re-issue Mad Cat
- Vintage Correct Re-issue of the original 1970’s H.S. Anderson / Hohner Mad Cats
- Handmade in Japan
- Walnut / Ash / Maple body construction
- All maple neck, 21 frets, C-shape
- 42,8mm nut width
- 240R (9,4”) Radius
- 2mm (0,0787”) x 1mm (0,0394”) vintage frets
- 2 string retainers
- Gotoh GTC102 Hardtail Bridge, Callaham USA vintage bent-steel saddles (also included are extra Gotoh modern type saddles), 10,5mm string spacing
- Gotoh SG360 Machine Heads, 1:14 gear ratio
- Bill Lawrence USA S1 & S3 pickups
- 1 volume control, 1 tone control, 3-way switch
- Polyurethane lacquer, custom made for Moridaira
- Unique headstock shape
- Pearloid H.S. Anderson logo
- Stamped serial nr on back of headstock
- Leopard pickguards and black body binding
- SKB-66 case with full-length neck support
- Left-handed available at an extra charge, but with black headstock logo
- exclusive model for Europe, only available thru Amptec

Moridaira 45th anniversary Mad Cat (sold out)

In 2009, Moridaira decided to celebrate its 45th anniversary with the release of a very limited production run of the Mad Cat.
Most of those were sold in japan, but 15 pieces were made available worldwide exclusively through Amptec.

45th anniversary Mad Cat
- Handmade in Japan
- Walnut / Ash / Maple body construction
- All maple neck, 21 frets, C-shape
- 42,8mm nut width
- 280R (11”) Radius
- 2mm (0,0787”) x 1mm (0,0394”) vintage frets
- 2 string retainers
- Gotoh GTC102 Hardtail Bridge, 6 modern-type saddles
- Gotoh SG360 Machine Heads, 1:14 gear ratio
- Bill Lawrence USA T1 — T2 pickups
- 1 volume control, 1 tone control, 3-way switch
- Polyurethane lacquer, custom made for Morris
- Unique headstock shape
- ‘70s H.S. Anderson logo with crazy cat drawing on headstock
- Stamped serial nr on back of headstock
- SKB-66 case with full-length neck support
- Leopard pickguards and body binding

Moridaira History
The Moridaira Guitar company has been building quality handcrafted instruments in Nagano, Japan for a long time. Mr. Toshio Moridaira, the founder, was the first distributor in Japan to carry both Fender and Gibson lines. In 1964, due to his working relationship with Gibson, Mr. Moridaira was able to visit the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan. An employee at Gibson nicknamed him “Mori” at that time. In 1967, he founded the Morris Guitars company. He named it Morris, taken from the nickname given to him a while back. Morris produced copies of dreadnought and small jumbo models based on Martin and Gibson designs. To this day, Moridaira’s main production are Morris acoustic guitars.
Moridaira’s philosophy has always been to keep a continuing dialogue with musicians, and combined with the company’s expertise in acoustic sound technology, know-how in woods and electronics to produce instruments which push the boundaries.
Moridaira has been a leader in development with its fresh ideas and will continue pursuing the possibilities of creating new sounds with our superior technology and close contact to the artists, hereby contributing to the creation and the development of music.

Mad Cat History
In 1973, the H.S. Anderson brand was launched by Moridaira, and one of the employees Mr. Shiino Hidesato (HS) designed what would become an iconic guitar, the Mad Cat.
While most Japanese companies in the ‘70s produced copies from famous US-models, the Mad Cat was something completely unique. The body construction was based around a walnut center strip, with sen ash sides and tiger maple top and bottom.
The hardware and pickups were not what people would normally associate with a tele-type guitar, but is more similar to a hardtail strat-style guitar, and the unique leopard-style pickguards further distinguished the Mad Cat.
A little over 500 Mad Cats were made during the ‘70s, including a small batch made OEM for Hohner USA with a Hohner logo in the H.S. Anderson style.
Pop artist Prince discovered one of these rare guitars early on in his career, and used it live and on countless hit-records like Purple Rain, 1999, Controversy, etc. for over 30 years now.
Original vintage ‘70s Mad Cats are very rare and hard to find guitars, sought after by numerous collectors.

Is the vintage re-issue Mad Cat a limited edition guitar?

We plan to make this an ongoing model, but keep in mind production numbers are very low (only 6-7 pcs a month will be made), so it’s ‘limited’ anyway.

What’s the difference between the 45th anniversary and the vintage re-issue models?

The biggest difference are the pickups, T1/T2 ‘tele’-pickups on the anniversary, S1/S3 ‘strat’-pickups on the vintage re-issue. Further, the anniversary has leopard binding on the body (black on the re-issue), and modern type bridge-saddles (vintage callaham saddles for the re-issue).
The 45th anniversary model came with a 280R (11” radius). The re-issue’s fretboard has a 240R (approx. 9,5”) radius. We also put a nice pearloid logo on the vintage re-issues, the anniversary model had a black logo with the ‘crazy cat’ graphic.

Prince’s guitar has a hohner logo?

Yes it has. H.S. Anderson built this guitar OEM for Hohner USA with a Hohner logo.

I have a Hohner The Prinz (or TE Prinz) guitar, was it built by Moridaira?

These guitars were built in Korea for Hohner, and are in no way affiliated with Moridaira / H.S. Anderson.

I’m left-handed, can I order a lefty Mad Cat?

Sure, but keep in mind we do not offer the pearloid headstock logo on a lefty, only the black logo.
Left-handed models are not stock items, so a waiting period is inevitable. Please contact your local dealer for pricing and delivery times.

What’s the current delivery time?

Manufacturing a Mad Cat takes 8 weeks, and production numbers are small (only 6-7 pcs a month), so some waiting time might be an issue. Contact your local dealer for up to date info.

Where can I find more info on vintage Mad Cats?

A well-documented website is www.madcat.ch, but feel free to ask using the contact section of this website. Some original catalogs can be found in the history section of this website.

I live outside the European Union, can I order a Mad Cat too?

The H.S. Anderson Vintage Re-issue Mad Cat Our will be exclusively available in the EU thru distributor Amptec. However, our dealers might ship outside the EU, but keep in mind custom charges and local taxes will be applied when importing guitars from the EU. Contact us for more specific info.

What’s the price of the Vintage Re-issue Mad Cat?

Contact your local dealer for pricing.

I don’t like these vintage saddles, the screws hurts when palm-muting with the right-hand.

A set of modern-type saddles will be included with every Mad Cat. They will give you a bit more sustain, with slightly less harmonic content. Ask you dealer to set up your Mad Cat with these saddles for you.

What type of strings are on my Mad Cat?

The factory ships all Mad Cats with GHS Boomers 10-46.

Do you also sell original ‘70s Mad Cats?

These guitars are very hard to find, a little over 500 pcs were made. We currently don’t have any for sale.

For more info and orders, please contact any of the following dealers :

United States :

Mesa Boogie Hollywood store
7426 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California
Contact: Jimbo Head

United Kingdom :

Music Street Guitars Ltd
10 Chequers Court
PE29 3LF
Contact : Andy Childs (Sales & Marketing Manager)
Tel: 01480 431222

Austria :

Musik Hammer
Storchgasse 4 – 8020 Graz
Contact: Hannes Hammer
Gitarre [at] musikhammer.at
+43 316-72200013

Belgium :

Leo Caerts Rockstore
Naamsestraat 90-94 - 3000 Leuven
Contact: Bart
rockstore [at] leocaerts.be
+32 (0) 16 230777

The Soundfactory
Gebroeders van Eyckstraat 35 - 9000 Gent
Contact: Jan
guitarshop [at] soundfactory.be
+32 (0) 9 2330871

The Netherlands :

Max Guitar
Laan van Meerdervoort 612 2564 AK - Den Haag
Contact: Robbert van der Ende
robb [at] maxguitar.nl
+31 (0) 70 4490333

For general questions, or dealer inquiries, please contact sales@amptec.be